Clients » The Perennials

The Perennials formed in late 2005 after various members' short-lived stints in a plethora of Boston-area bands including the Click Five, Furvis, Disaster Strikes, the Black Freighter and Slick Pig. Simultaneous to their transition into The Perennials, they came to Tactical Sound looking for a producer and a quality recording that they could use to pitch to labels.

Since the "Perennials Are Forever" EP, they have played all over the East Coast with bands like The Avengers, Japanther, New Model Army, Protokoll, Die Mannequin, Ecstatic Sunshine, The Oxford Collapse, Ungdomskulen, the World/Inferno Friendship Society and so on and so on...

CLIENT:  The Perennials
PROJECT NAME:  "Perennials Are Forever" EP
TITLE:  "Delerium Tremont"
INDUSTRY:  Bands & Musicians
DATE:  January 2007
SERVICES PROVIDED:  Pre-Production, Production, Multitrack Studio Recording, Mixing, Mastering